A Year Of... interesting things

Review of Weeks 11 - 14

On March 21st, Mass Effect: Andromeda was released.

A week later, March 28th, Destiny’s Age of Triumph dropped.

In my planning for Week 11 I was harboring an illusion (delusion?) that I’d get anything done, as little as it was.

Well, turns out that ME: A was glorious and AoT and the new raids have eaten into my time like nothing else.

It feels as if my every awake hour has been spent either working or playing and it was absolutely phenomenal. Even as I write this, I ache that I’m not in front of my Xbox playing either of the two.

Week 15 - Back on the Horse (… Pony)

That being said, I have managed to complete my Age of Triumph Record Book, and ordered my Age of Triumph T-shirt, and although I have not yet finished ME: A, I expect to be able to allocate some of my time towards drawing.

I intend to focus on developing my kawaii characters by going beyond outline drawing and adding some coloring.

  • Tuesday: Gothic Cuties;
  • Wednesday: Adorable Anthros: Hamster Boy and Hamster Girl;
  • Thursday: Tiger Boy and Tiger Girl;
  • Friday: Wolf Boy and Wofl Girl;
  • Saturday: Panda Tyke and Humorous Panda;
  • Sunday: catching up on anything I dropped during the week.