A Year Of... interesting things

Week 10 - Faster in the Beginning

This may have been my most successful week to date as I managed to complete almost everything I had set up for myself.

The only item left out was Sunday’s free drawing, which I had replaced with drawing a structure while out at the dog park.

However, most of the progress was made early in the week, with Friday and Saturday seeing almost no practice, mainly due to chores and other tasks that took up time.

Week 11 - Same Path, but Less

Considering Mass Effect: Andromeda is being released this week, I expect to spend some time gaming and less time drawing.

However, inspired by the success of the previous week, I will continue pursuing the kawaii path as following:

  • Tuesday: Beginner vs. Pro - Sad Bunny, Basket of Pups and Friends;
  • Wednesday: Essential Kawaii Types: Cute Girls, Cat Girls and Anthros;
  • Thursday: Animal Cuties, Fantasy Creatures and Pets;
  • Friday: Food and Treats with Personality, Gothic Cuties;
  • Saturday : Adorable Anthros: Hamster Boy and Hamster Girl;
  • Sunday: Tiger Boy and Tiger Girl;

This should allow me to move forward, while still maintaining a non-overwhelming schedule.