A Year Of... interesting things

March Report

I don’t know what was about March that completely set me back to zero. No writing. Nada. Barely any reading too save for books because of travel Wildlife of the National Parks and Reserves of Costa Rica by Michael and Patricia Fogden and Costa Rica - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture by Jane Koutnik.

(On the flip-side, I’ve discovered a really cool sunscreen: Blue Lizard. The bottles starts white and they turn blue in the sun to indicate protection needs to be applied.)

I could blame my lack of progress on any number of issues:

  • travel/vacation - on one hand no more work, on the other hand exhaustion from activities and adventures;
  • COVID-19, which provided constant anxiety; travel + COVID-19 proved a real worry machine;
  • ramped up work to make up for vacation then catching up after vacation;
  • uncertainty over the direction to pursue and seeming lack of “inspiration”.

I need to meditate a bit on this and figure out exactly what’s holding me back. Perhaps it’s a matter of time, available time, but I feel there’s a deeper reason there. I need to find that deeper reason and work with it or against it, whichever gets me move forward.

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