A Year Of... interesting things

April Update

April ended up being a smaller month in more than one way: count and size.

Net total was 17, which was over the 10/month, true, and also on the lower side relative to the other months.

April was the month I “attacked” my box of computer cables and ended up being mildly horrified about how many out of date items it had: old PCI modems, RAM, IDE cables, VGA cables, etc.

The Goodbye, Things tips that resonated the most with me have been:

  • “#10. Minimize anything you have in multiples” - I don’t really need 4 SATA cables; one with straight connector and one with angled connectors is enough;
  • “#11. Get rid of it if you haven’t used it in a year” - some of these items I haven’t used in years not in one year.
  • “#17. Organizing is not minimizing” - I was really tempted and one point to just shuffled some items and add them to another box, just in case I’ll need them in the future, however getting over it and actually getting rid of not only the contents, but the box they were in (“#18. Tackle the nest=storage, before the pest=clutter”) helped ensure the items followed.

On the business side of the world, I decided to look into AWS Certifications as a way to both add skills and obtain an edge over contractors and freelancers in a similar position.
First will be an AWS Solutions Architect - Associate, followed by an AWS Developer - Associate, and after that I plan on assessing whether DevOps - Associate or another cloud (Azure?) certification is a better approach.

I guess time will tell whether this will have been an asset or there would’ve been a better use of my time to acquire different skills (sales? marketing? networking?), but at this point it seems as a natural extension of my work field.

So what did you think about this post? Liked it? Hated it? Thought it was stupid? Thought I was stupid? Deemed it to be informative? Found mistakes or misinformation? Want to lavish excessive praise or cast fiery insults? Contact me and have at it.