A Year Of... interesting things

First Two Weeks - Middle East and Africa

To be honest I really wanted to start of with Thai food.

But Christmas has not been kind to our waistlines and there’s a few cuisines around the world I absolutely cannot resist. Thai, Indian, and Italian are out for that reason.

Following the organization of Cooking Light Global Kitchen: The World’s Most Delicious Food Made Easy I have selected Middle East and Africa as the topic of the first two-week cycle.

The first dish: a double and a bit ambitious, is Chicken Tabbouleh with a Tahini Drizzle and Batrik - a Turkish salad of bulgur and walnuts.

Chicken Tabbouleh (left) and Bulgur Salad (right)


  • The Tabbouleh ended up a bit dry - I think the bulgur soaks up everything well; the Tahini Sauce didn’t help much - add too much and it all tastes like tahini, add too little and the grains dry it all out;
  • I ended up burning the chicken and surpringly that burned chicken ended up stealing the show - it was really good, no doubt;
  • I liked the Batrik although I feel I used a bit too much sauce – a tomato based sauce – and it drenched the whole dish. The texture was amazing and I look forward to making this again.

For breakfast I made scrambled eggs with the remaining chicken, carrots, peas, and onions. The difference from past attempts was incorporating some milk into the eggs which made them fluffier.

Scrambled Eggs with Carrots and Peas

I liked the texture of the carrots, but I feel between their sweetness and that of the caramelized onion it all ended up being a bit too much.

Nothing Sriracha cannot fix.

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