A Year Of... interesting things

Week 6 - Longer Projects

While the amount of time spent on drawing has been about the same or even increased, I’ve also noticed that specifically setting time aside has resulted in slightly larger projects being undertaken, with generic excercises taking a bit of a backseat.

With such larger projects, I was able to see an increase in my ability to deal with perspective and observed proportions, something I have just started to get into.

Where I seem to faulter is observational skills: for example where lines from a section align with lines from a different, remote section.
This is another area I’ve noticed an improvement: I am now planning my drawing a bit better, observing where such continuity exists.

Week 7 - Shading; Reintroducing Exercises

While longer projects is an encouraging trend, after all time spent drawing is never wasted, I’d like to reintroduce generic exercises, in particular the boxes-in-perspective of DrawABox.

Second area of mindful practice is line continuity and I will attempt to practice this in combination with proportions. For these exercises I will attempt to find moderately complex instalations of simple shapes and, without focusing on details, attempt to capture their relative proportions and notice where pseudo-continuities exist.

Finally, the next chapter in DAUB deals with shading, so it should be easy to incorporate those exercises into my daily practice.