A Year Of... interesting things

Week 5 - Interesting Reversal

Unlike previous weeks, week numero cinque saw a good deal more practice during the week and almost none during the weekend.

Working in small increments… worked. I was able to practice lines, circles, elipses in there small windows of free time.

Furthermore, I’ve made some great progress on perspective drawing, in particular circles/elipses and objects in general. I guess that’s one reason to be thankful for meetings.

Houston's City Hall

I’ve also managed to finish the R2D2 Metal Earth model, which would fall more hobby than art, but it was hard work to get it done anyway.


Week 6 - Continue Working in between the Cracks

It’s been six weeks since I’ve started, as evidenced by my need to renew DAUB and RightSide. Not quite the progress I’ve expected.

I need to find a way to (re-?) double my efforts and try to push, more so on weekends, through the DAUB book. I think I’m now getting to some interesting parts, so the excitement should carry me through these periods of lul.