A Year Of... interesting things

Week 4 - Improvements

A good more deal of drawing happened in Week 4.

I noticed two things: one that I can practice the basics (lines, circles, ellipses) while doing something else, mainly watching some TV; second, that I can do small amounts of meaningful practice in small increments, 5 or 10 minutes at a time while waiting on some other externalities: food to cook, transportation to arrive, even waiting on some work email or event.

Week 5 - Work in between the cracks

Carry-over from last week: trying to find a secondary source for learning more about perspective drawing, seeing how the DrawABox site was not as successful, for me, in helping me understand how to be approach it.

Meanwhile, I will continue working with both the DAUB book and with exercises, but I will try to favor doing those exercises during small breaks rather than during my dedicated daily half-hour.