A Year Of... interesting things

Week 3 - Much of the same

Unfortunately, week 3 saw much of the same lack of practice that Week 2 did.

In the beginning, it felt as if a good amount of personal issue I had to deal with were impeding progress, but as the week went on a certain lack of enthusiasm compounded the issue. Looking back, I think it perhaps stems from a certain amount of discouragement that came from trying, and failing, a few perspective exercises, excersises perhaps a bit too advanced at this point, and self-critique perhaps a bit too harsh.

Week 4 - Focus on fewer thing

A more regimented approach, with a focus on a single book, DAUB in this case, combined with emphasis on recognizing progress rather than being discouraged by lack of skill will be the driving factor of Week 4.

I will also try to find a secondary source for learning more about perspective drawing, seeing how the DrawABox site was not as successful, for me, in helping me understand how to be approach it.