A Year Of... interesting things

Week 2 - Retrospective

Poor planning had me forget that last week overlapped with Destiny’s Iron Banner event. That meant most of my evenings had been unavailable to art :(

Longer hours at work due to delivery pressure meant my days have also been unavailable. Looking back, it’s almost a miracle I managed to spend any time on it.

However, what little time I got to spend on perspective drawing and on contour (lesson from “Drawing for the Absolute…”) on which I made good progress.

Week 3 - Fewer Hours and Spaced Out Exercises

Will continue the same practice schedule laid out for week to.


  1. Focus primary on what I struggled with last week: rotating cubes. Continue practicing ellipses.
  2. Allow for and introduce one simple decomposition exercise for each day.
  3. For the weekend, work on Chapter 2, Turning Edges into Objects, and Chapter 3, Adding Accuracty from Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner .
  4. Read at least one more chapter of Right-Side and aim to also execute its practice.