A Year Of... interesting things

2016 - A Year of Hobbies

In hindsight, deciding on what the next year was going to be midway through 2015 might have contributed a good deal of distraction and might have derailed my efforts more than I expected.

It happened when I was following behind in the footsteps of my youngest step-daughter as we were trying to navigate the labyrinth at St. Thomas University.

Chapel of St. Basil

In the moment, I thought how cool would it be if I could build a robot to navigate the labyrinth all by itself. That was when I decided that I will find a way to incorporate robotics, maybe even AI, into my next year.

However, still smarting from the lessons “learned” during 2015 - The Year of Learning, I realized that I cannot and don’t want to take on too much. I needed to add some “fun” to my Year Of…

As such, 2016 will be a year of hobbies, hobbies that include playing video games, playing and listening to music, and maybe a bit of home improvement.

Lack of time has caused a stack of video-games to accumulate on top of my XBox. These include titles I was really looking forward to, such as Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, and even going as far back as Fable 2 and Portal.

So what did you think about this post? Liked it? Hated it? Thought it was stupid? Thought I was stupid? Deemed it to be informative? Found mistakes or misinformation? Want to lavish excessive praise or cast fiery insults? Contact me and have at it.